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Unlocking Industrial Potential:Your Global Factory Broker

STC Mixing Systems stands at the intersection of industry and opportunity. Our mission? To unlock the potential of entire factories and industrial complexes. We specialize in brokering complete industrial plants, factories, and entire production facilities. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Factory Matchmaking: We’re matchmakers for factories. Whether it’s automotive assembly lines, chemical plants, or steel mills, we connect buyers with turnkey solutions.

  • Plant Relocation: We orchestrate seamless plant relocations. From dismantling to reassembly, our team ensures minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

  • Financial Expertise: Beyond brokerage, we offer financing solutions. Our experts structure deals, secure funding, and facilitate smooth transactions. Political Insights: Our connections reach decision-makers at political levels. We navigate regulations, trade policies, and international compliance.

  • Sustainability Focus: Circular economy principles drive our work. By repurposing entire plants, we contribute to a greener future.
  • Turning used Factories into your Powerhouse. Explore Our Complete Solutions!

    Location searchand mediation

    Are you looking for a new location or a new property? A pre-qualified selection is required to implement your project...

    Internationaljoint ventures

    Have you already thought about new business partnerships? When looking for a new production site abroad. It can be advantageous ...

    New and usedindustrial machinery

    Do you want to introduce new technologies, optimize your production range and/or restructure technical processes? Are plants or machines...


    Investments in successful German or European companies are highly sought after by investors from abroad. Depending on the...

    New and usedindustrial plants

    Do you want to introduce new technologies, optimize your production range and/or restructure technical...

    Project development

    Do you have a product idea and/or want to implement a project? From market analysis, creating the requirements...


    Are you considering financing or securing investments in a project, new products, their development and production?...

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    As a specialist planner and supplier for stirred process steps, we are available to answer your questions and projects regarding process guarantees, innovative stirring systems and energy-saving installations.


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